2iD Imaging Software

The software component of AvanSci Bio's xScisor mesodissection technology helps guide and document the dissection process. This software allows the user to:

  • Import Reference Images and create digitally annotated Area(s) of Interest (AOI's);

  • Transfer and align the digital image to a live image;
  • Use the digital AOI to guide the fully automatic or manual dissection process; and
  • Produce an electronic record of the entire dissection process.  



Improved Precision

Because all images are microscopic, the alignment, transfer, and dissection steps are all done with precision typically 10-fold better than can be achieved by the hand drawn methods currently employed in most laboratories. The 2iD software also documents the process and generates a digital report with the reference, pre, and post dissection images.

Watch the 2iD Overview here.