Resolution = Width of minimum dissectible area (a circle, generated by touching the rotating blade to the tissue without transverse movement, known as a “point dissection”).

Method and result:  A series of point dissections were performed using 20 different xScisors  (5 each of 4 different blades sizes). The individual values shown in the table are the average and standard deviation values from 8 separate point dissections from each xScisor. The xScisors were removed and replaced into the collet after each dissection to also measure collet engagement variation. The average of the average  and the average standard deviation of each of the indicated blade sizes are shown on the bottom line. 

 A. Resolution  
 Blade Size  Ave. SD  
 200  172  20
 400  349  29
 800  695  19
 1200  1076  96
Conclusion: The smallest dissectable area is currently ~ 200 microns. Resolution is determined by the xScisor blade width plus any runout (non-concentricity) of the instrument and the xScisor.